Individual pieces

  • Variations on Alan Bern's "Reb Itzik's Nign" (Duet) 3:36
  • L'Shana Tova0:40
  • Firn Di Mekhutonim Aheym (Duet)5:52
  • Kadesh Ur'chatz1:46
  • Tres Hermanicas (Duet)1:45
  • Shalom Aleichem3:33
  • Dodi Li2:03
  • Adio Querida2:27
  • Utzu Etzo0:48
  • Shabes Shabes1:24
  • Kol Nidre1:27
  • Shir Ha'ma'alot1:36
  • Eili Eili1:50
  • Baruch Elohenu1:16
  • Chanuka O Chanuka0:41
  • Dona Dona2:34
  • The Chanukah Light1:45

Shalom Aleichem 

Arranged by Ellen S. Whitaker

​Solo Guitar, score in standard notation.

​4 pages.

Intermediate to Advanced level.

​  eBook

The arrangement begins with the beautiful melody alone, which is followed by variations that offer a variety of textures and opportunities for expression.

Performance notes and annotation are included.

This piece can also be found in Jewish Traditions for Classical and Fingerstyle Guitar by Ellen Whitaker.

Sheet Music for Guitar

Four Favorite Christmas Songs

Ellen Whitaker

7 pages

eBook (PDF)  $2.95                               Paperback  $8.18      

Four all-time favorite Christmas songs arranged for solo guitar. 

Easy to early intermediate level.

Contents:  The Little Drummer Boy, Silent Night,

                 What Child is This?, and O Holy Night

Johanna Beisteiner playing Shalom Aleichem from 

Jewish Traditions for Classical and Fingerstyle Guitar

by Ellen S. Whitaker


by Ellen Whitaker

3 pages

eBook (PDF)  $1.99   

Guitar Duet, score. Easy intermediate level.

Arranged as a three voice canon for two

guitars, the piece begins low with a range of

only a fifth and then builds in intensity as the

range gradually opens, encompassing four octaves on the second page. 

Each player gets two voices at times, making both parts interesting to play. Two pages of music plus one page of text (performance notes and annotations).

This piece can also be found in Jewish Traditions for Classical and Fingerstyle Guitar by Ellen Whitaker.

The pieces listed below from

Jewish Traditions for Classical and Fingerstyle Guitar

also are available individually. 

guitar music

     Arvey-Francis Guitar Duo


      arranged by Ellen Whitaker


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eBook (PDF) $2.95                                     Paperback  $9.48

For every piece, there is an "Annotations and Performance Notes" page providing historical and/or cultural perspective as well as technical guidance.  An Appendix (with Glossary) discusses in considerable detail the scales used in traditional Jewish music.  A bibliography and discography are provided for those who would like to learn more about these beautiful and enduring music traditions.

Three original repertoire pieces suitable for intermediate guitarists.  The pieces are lyrical and lend themselves well to the self-expression of the performer.  Each piece is two pages long and is comfortable to play, being written in a style that is idiomatic to the guitar. 

Performance notes are included.

                      Arvey-Francis Guitar Duo

                             Eiliyahu Hanavi

      from Jewish Traditions for Classical and Fingersyle Guitar

A beautiful variety of traditional Jewish Music arranged for guitar. Twenty solos and six duets.  The melodies are drawn from Sephardic, Yiddish, Israeli, and Oriental folk songs, as well as Chassidic tunes, Klezmer tunes and music originally sung by Cantors.

The arrangements are as varied as their source material.  Perfect for weddings and other celebrations, religious services and simply for enjoyment.

Almost all of the arrangements are accessible for the intermediate player, with a few pieces for less experienced players. Guitarists with advanced skills will find plenty of interesting material here.

More individual pieces from

Jewish Traditions for Classical and Fingerstyle Guitar

can be purchased at

Press For Peace Music Publications


by Richard Rogers

Arranged for Guitar Duo

by Ellen S. Whitaker

(Duet) Easy Intermendiate

1 page

Scarborough Fair

Arranged by Ellen S. Whitaker

(Solo) Easy intermediate

2 pages

Jewish Traditions for Classical and Fingerstyle Guitar

by Ellen S. Whitaker

119 pages

eBook (PDF)  $3.75                         Paperback   $19.95

Here's What They're Saying About

Jewish Traditions for Classical and Fingerstyle Guitar

"...very attractive presentation...The music itself ranges from interesting through to delightful...The duets are equally charming with well-balanced and equally interesting parts for both players."

  - Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine

" excellent book of guitar arrangements of Jewish favorite melodies...The thoroughness of this book is to be admired...JMWC recommends this book not only to individuals, but to teachers, schools and colleges..."

  - Judith Pinnolis,Jewish Music Web Center

"Thanks for publishing this work. It is a splendid volume and I especially enjoy the musicological explanations...I just played through Shalom Aleichem and didn't want another evening to go by without contacting you. I do hope you are planning a second volume.

  - Stuart S. Miller,

          Professor of Hebrew, History, and Judaic Studies,

          Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies.

          University of Connecticut at Storrs



Firn Di Mekhutonim Aheym

(Duet) intermediate level

9 pages

Shalom Aleichem

(Solo) intermediate to advanced

4 pages

Dodi Li

(Solo) easy to intermediate

​3 pages

Tres Hermanicas

(Duet) intermediate

​5 pages

Kadesh Ur'chatz

(Solo) intermediate

​3 pages

Adio Querida

(Solo) advanced, quite difficult

​4 pages

Shabes Shabes

(Solo) intermediate

​3 pages

Kol Nidre

(Solo) intermediate

​2 pages

Eili Eili

(Solo) intermediate

3 pagers

Baruch Elohenu

(Solo) intermediate

3 pages

Dona Dona

(Solo) easy to intermediate

​4 pages